Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Artist Management & Talent Searches

Our FAQS section provides answers to the most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you do not find your answer here, please visit out contact page to find other ways to get in touch with us. 

The Liquid Productions  collaborates with filmmakers, TV serial producers, music companies and other entertainment industry organisations with a view to getting them new talent from across the country. This will be done through direct screen tests over the Internet.  www.Liquid is the first site in the world to do so. This will also be the first completely transparent recruitment process for the Indian film and entertainment industry. Liquid Productions is the India's single largest database for entertainment talent in the field of Modelling, Anchoring, Singing,Dancing, Acting, Instrumental & Mimicry. We have a very large number of talented young people registered with us, and they have submitted a very large number of auditions for various projects. All you need to do is to register yourself on Liquid Productions (it's free and fast!) so that you can view the auditions on the site. Your registration will also enable us to keep sharing details of new talent with you. So when you are looking for talent for your next project, just get in touch with us. You can email us your requirement at We look forward to providing you with some of the best new talent in India.

Liquid Productions is the first portal in the world to offer talented people the chance to actually do screen tests for opportunities in the Indian entertainment industry without leaving their place of residence.
Please note that Liquid Productions is offering a paid service - it is meant to provide real opportunities for serious aspirants, and there is a cost associated with a quality product.

You can upload any number of videos, pictures and sound clips showcasing their talent they can apply for actual opportunities in feature films, TV shows and other entertainment platforms for which they will have to do specific screen tests, and they can enter regular talent searches on, and win talent management contracts; they can also enter talent contests and win cash prizes

Casting Opportunities & Talent Searches

Liquid Productions will regularly announce new casting opportunities in movies, TV shows and other entertainment platforms. Each such opportunity will be accompanied by a specific brief from the director, explaining what the applicant for the opportunity needs to do to apply.
Applicants will then shoot themselves doing the screen test and upload it on Liquid Productions They will also have to submit the relevant application fees. The permitted video formats are avi, flv, mpeg, wmv, mov, 3gp, mp4, mpg(Recommended length: 2 minutes)
Each screen test will go through the Liquid Productions team assessment Process - an evaluation on pre-defined parameters by a panel of evaluators under the guidance of a Chief Talent Mentor.
Once all screen tests for a project have been received, the applicant will be able to see all applicants' screen tests.
After the evaluation is over, all registered users of the site will be able to see all the screen tests. Also, an applicant will be able to compare his Liquid Productions Assessment Score with other applicants and judge his own potential and areas of improvement.

Liquid Productions will also conduct its own talent searches from time to time, which will be judged by its Talented Mentors and the winners will receive one year Talent Contract. Liquid Productions will groom and train these winners and market them to the industry, apart from paying their living expenses in the city for this period. The application process and evaluation process will be the same as those for casting opportunities.

Talent Contests

To give talented actors and entertainers the chance to show their talent, Liquid Productions will conduct regular contests with talent management contracts, in which applicants can participate exactly as they will while applying for a role or an opportunity. They will be given a situation, which they will then enact, shoot and upload on the site (or send a CD). The contest entries will be evaluated by our panel, feedback given to all participants and winners announced on the site. After the contest evaluation is over, all entries will be available on the site for all participants to see.
Participants' contest entries will also be added to their profile pages (apart from their screen tests and free uploads), thereby adding to the range of their talent on display. This will enable them to have a much richer portfolio and help them to be noticed by talent seekers.
There will be an entry fee for the contests, to cover the costs of the evaluation and feedback process.

Free Uploads

All registered users of the site will be given their own portfolio page, on which he/ she can upload his/ her video clips, pictures and sound clips.
There is no registration fee and no charges for uploading any other videos, pictures or sound clips for general viewing. Hence, this is a free platform for the registered user to exhibit his/ her talent, as well as store his entire portfolio in one convenient location.
These clips and pictures can be seen and rated by all visitors to the site, which will include filmmakers, TV serial producers, other entertainment industry professionals, aspiring actors/ singers/ dancers/ musicians and large numbers of general Internet users.

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities include films, TV shows and other entertainment opportunities for which you can submit your profile.This is a free service; however, you will not be doing a specific online screen test/audition for the opportunity and you will not receive any assessment of your performance. Only your existing profile will be submitted. Liquid Productions will forward your profile to the opportunity provider & If the filmmaker, TV show producer etc. shows interest in your profile and wants you to do a screen test/audition, we will inform you about the same