Flex Printing

The flex banner are basically used to shout your messages or product endorsement from the rooftops or the roadsides. ... The flex banner is printed using solvent ink and therefore these banners are really cost effective medium of promoting.

In india recyclable flex is very new.

Basically their are two category

1. Normal flex-

cheapest and comes in two variety-white back and black back. White back mostly used in

backlit where black back(blackout) used for outdoor branding as sun rays will not cross the flex so the hoardings iron frame will not visible .

2. Star media flex -

Star Media Flex is a better option as quality is concerned comes in both variety black back and white back.

Used for long duration events as it is much durable then normal flex.

There are 2 kinds of printing on flex :-

  1. Solvent - this is the cheapest - usually used for distance viewing or outdoor advertising. This also leaves a solvent smell after print. The quality of printing is average
  2. Eco Solvent printing- This results in sharp and clear prints- which are used for viewing from a short distance. These kind of prints are used for in-store displays, for exhibitions etc


Flex itself can be of various types and GSMs


    Regular flex - This is thin and used with solvent print for outdoor advertising. This is also the cheapest -Flex Banner - Solvent Print on Regular Media.

     Star flex - Glossy, 300+ GSM - quality ,sharp printing - Flex Banner - Premium Eco Solvent Print on STAR Media


There Exist Several types of Flexes that is being used in India.Few of them are Listed below :-

1.Normal Flex
2.Star Flex
3.Star Black Flex
4.Back lit Flex
5.Star Back Lit Flex
8.One way vision

Normal Flex is used at shops or in standies at events.
Star Flex is Much higher quality Flex then Normal Flex which reflects teh light and gives a lustre Appearance when viewed.
Star Black FLex is same as Star Flex , It’s Cheaper than Star Flex ,although the prices in market are same for all the native People.
Back Lit Flexes are used in Glow Sign Boards that are used in Nights for the Vision.


Flex printing – frontlit & backlit banners

Branding and outdoor advertisement in Delhi & NCR, branding relies heavily on front lit and backlit flex printing. But flex printing is a generic term. People use it when they want to refer to the printing of banners, hoardings, shop boards, etc. At Liquid Productions  we use solvent inks to reproduce images and client designs on rolls of PVC. These inks have a very high resistance to rain and sunlight. Further, the PVC rolls are reinforced with a cloth liner / denier from behind. This combination makes flex printed banners, absolutely ideal for outdoor applications.

Flex printed banners and hoarding are extremely cost effective. You can source a large sized banner for just a couple of hundred rupees. That is the reason why these banners are so ubiquitous. In Delhi, you’ll find flex posters and banners on just about every street corner and crossing.

At Liquid Productions we have an extremely high quality 10.5 feet wide, high speed, Konika Machine. We reproduce client prints on rolls ranging in width from 3 to 10 feet. Hoardings larger than 10 feet in width, are broken in separate tile and then seamed together. In the wide format digital printing industry, there are mainly two types of outdoor prints: front lit flex prints and backlit flex prints.


Backlit flex printing:

A lit sign board attracts customers. And this is exactly the function of a GSB – short for Glow Sign Board. A backlit flex print is illuminated from behind by tube lights. The print is stretched on a metal box frame of 6 – 8 inches thickness. The box contains tube lights which glow when switched on. Further the backlit flex material allows light to pass through. The back light glow adds an extra punch to the print. It makes the colors more vibrant. Thus, the print looks great during the day and absolutely fantastic when lit, at night. Glow sign board ( GSB ) applications typically include:

  • Retail shop and showroom boards
  • Signs which need high visibility at night

Backlit flex printing is typically more expensive than front lit banners and hoardings. Images are reproduced on the same at a much higher quality. These prints also have a longer life. By this, we mean that inks on backlit posters take much longer to fade in rain and sunlight.

Installing a glow sign board is recommended for a consumer products store which needs to entice prospective clients to walk in from the street. The beautifully illuminated glow sign helps differentiate one store front in a street lined with numerous shops.


Frontlit flex printing costs

Frontlit flex prints are further divided into extremely low cost 3 / 4 pass prints or 6 pass Star Flex prints. Star flex prints are made of a thicker material. The print quality on this material is far superior to the regular material. I have explained 3 / 4 / 6 pass printing in more detail, at the end of this section. The price of flex printing depends on the head passes or resolution the image is reproduced at. The quality and thickness of the base material also affects the final cost.


What does 3 / 4 / 6 pass flex printing mean

A print shop while taking down your flex printing order will typically ask you how many passes print you want. We generally offer you a choice of 3 / 4 / 6 passes. As a thumb rule, the higher the number of passes, the costlier the print. Here is what those passes mean…

Throw your mind back to nursery or grade school. Our teachers used to give us an assignment wherein we had to write, over write and over over write the alphabet in a cursive writing book. While was supposed to help develop our writing skills, I’m sure you’ll remember that as we kept overwriting the letters, they kept getting darker / crisper.

This is exactly what multi pass flex printing does. With each pass, an image is printed, overprinted and further overprinted. Needless to say the more the passes the better print quality. Also with more passes, we lay down more layers of ink on the media. This means it takes longer for the inks to fade.

If you have short lived ad campaign with a tight budget, opt for a 3 / 4 pass print. The job will cost less and the prints will not fade for a few months to come. For applications where the life of the print needs to more, we recommend that you go for a 6 pass or Star flex print.