Sunboard  printing at Liquid Productions


Sunboard, also known as foam sheet is a thin, light weight and flat sheet of plastic. It is mainly used for the manufacture of signs and displays. It is rigid and can be printed upon. Once printed, what you have in hand is a very smooth surfaced, even and rigid poster. Add a support on the back and you end up with a beautiful high resolution sunboard standee or information display stand.

We print your artwork on our high resolution eco solvent vinyl printers. Our Konika machine gives stunning image quality. We recommend that the prints be laminated to save from scratches and scuffing. A top coat of lamination obviously increases the life of the print. But even without the same, our prints remain resistant to rain and sunlight.


Shape cut display boards

A cut out standee is a novel way to attract potential customers in modern retail stores and point of sale locations. As the name suggests, this display stand is fabricated in the shape of a cartoon, a celebrity or even a product. Eye ball attraction is the name of the game in retail stores. And a shape cut standee will surely gain more attention than ads and posters that are uniformly rectangular. Outdoor displays are mostly in the form of banners or posters stuck on a wall. So a life size sunboard cut out in the shape of a movie star, standing right in the middle of the super market aisle is a sure fire method to generate client interest.


Sunboard printing for creating wall posters

Printed vinyls come in a roll form. They have a sticker base. Canvas, flex banners and cloth media too, get printed out of rolls. We now need to now make these flexible rolls, rigid. This is achieved by pasting the printed vinyl on a thick sheet of plastic known as sunboard or foam sheet. Foam sheets are very smooth, lightweight and rigid. They are used extensively in the print and sign industry to create posters.

These rigid sun board prints or posters can now be drilled on a wall, put in a frame or simply gift wrapped and handed over directly for use. So when we say sunboard printing, we actually mean printing on a media with a sticker base and then mounting / laminating on a sun board or foam sheet.


Foamsheet / Sunboard printing

Sunboard sheets are made of low density polystrene. They have a smooth , even and coated surface. Sunboards are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2 – 18 mm. They are also available in a number of colors. But, the digital printing industry typically uses sheets which are 3 – 5 mm thick for their printing applications. The color used by default is white. Due to its low density, the finished prints are extremely lightweight and can be easily lifted.

Apart from gaining rigidity, prints are mounted on a sheet of sun board also gain a very flat and even finish. The low density of the sheets enables one to cut the edges of the prints easily. The end result is a smooth, stiff panel. This panel and be carried and easily pasted on walls, doors, and glass partitions using a strong 2 sided tape. One can also drill the boards on a wall.

Here are some images of product branding done on vinyls using our Konika, eco solvent photo printers. The prints have been laminated and then mounted on sheets of 3 mm sunboard. The finished job has then been installed at point of sale locations like in retail stores, malls, etc.